Department Of General Medicine

This Department covers all medical problems and functions in close cooperation with other specialty departments, ensuring a well-coordinated healthcare approach. The special focus of the Department is preventive healthcare. The Department is considered as the backbone of the hospital and has an INTENSIVE CARE UNIT with 04 beds in the hospital. Our team of doctors includes diabetologist. We run DIABETOLOGY CLINIC every week.

Services offered

  • Evaluation and management of medical emergencies
  • Evaluation and management of multisystem diseases
  • Critical care, ICU care and ventilator care
  • Diagnosis, treatment and follow up of diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders etc.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases


Intensive Care Units

Intensive Care Units (ICU) at MCS Hospital provide efficient, dedicated and high quality care to critically ill patients through a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach. Equipped with a state-of-the-art clinical support system, MCS ICUs are manned by trained doctors and ancillary staff. They can handle patients with serious medical complications such as complex comorbid conditions ranging from sepsis to pneumonia, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and multi-organ failure. The ICUs also have a full-fledged medical team for infection control to ensure protection of patients from infections.

Fully equipped with most modern ventilators,BiPAP and Monitors